melonhell 2

melonhell 2 is a vanilla anarchy server for Minecraft: Java Edition version 1.17.1, hosted in the UK. It operates with minimal admin intevention and more or less everything is allowed, even cheating.

The server appears to be down right now...

Shove that address in your Minecraft server list!


As an anarchy server, there... aren't really any rules. However, we do ask that you:

Other than that - do whatever you want.

We have very few plugins and they do not impact gameplay at all - they do add some neat little commands though, such as /joindate, /gc, /disk, and /kill.


You can view statistics about the server on this page.

What happened to melonhell 1?

About 6 months before starting melonhell 2, the original melonhell suffered a hardware failure that essentially killed the server. While we had a full backup of the server, we didn't have the hardware and were unable to get replacements.

Now that we're reviving melonhell, we had to decide whether to use the same map or start afresh - and we decided, that given it's been 6 months, to start a new map.